Ok! Here's the stuff everybody wants. Awards! Some of these I'll be handing out like candy. Others will be pretty tricky to get. The better your site, the better the award. Submit your site and try your best! Good Luck!

All of the awards are going to change as I get my site up and running again. They'll still be the same basic awards - names and requirements - but they'll look different. I need to remake all of them. But I will be making some new awards too. You can still apply for an award. But they will look different when you recieve them, and it may take me a little while. Thanks for your patience and understanding ^_^

Sailor Fire's Salute to Kawaii
Not to hard to obtain. All you really need is a cute site. ^_^

The Crystal Tear
For this you need a touching site. One that sets a good mood. One that can move the viewer. For example, perhaps an romantic page dedicated to the love between to anime characters, or perhaps an insightful page on a deep character, like Hotaru.

See the winners or pick up your award

Burning Award of Site Perfection
This is the hardest award to get. You have to be perfect, and I mean PERFECT. No broken links or images, no wrong information, no nothing! And just being technically correct won't win it either. Your site has to be well thought out and hold the attention of the viewer. Think you've got what it takes?

1. Address an email to me and tittle it as the award you want to win.
2. Tell me your URL, your site's name.
3. Of course tell me your name.
4. You can nominate yourself, or someone you know. For the Burning Award, you must be nominated by at least three people. That can include yourself.
5. Good Luck! ^_^

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